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Welcome to my research project! For my Master's thesis, I investigated young women's experiences of period education in English schools. The main aims of the project are to establish what knowledge is being taught and how effectively it prepares people for dealing with menstruation. To gain insights from across the country, I invited women aged 18-24 to take part in a short survey and interview. Initial data revealed widespread inadequacies including a lack of practical information, lessons which perpetuated stigma and a lateness in the delivery of education. More information coming soon.


Who could take part?

Criteria for surveys:

  • Live in England and attended school in England

  • Aged 18-24

  • Female

Criteria for interviews: 

  • Same as for surveys

  • Plus must have received at least some period education at school

Why couldn't other genders take part?

Everyone should be included in conversations around periods and whilst I wanted this research to be open to all, I had to choose a specific research population (otherwise I'd have had several projects worth of data to analyse!). The criteria was selected as it most represented those who experience or are expected to experience menstruation. Participants did not however, have to have periods when they took part.

What will happen with my data?

Your data is protected under GDPR guidelines. Survey responses were anonymous and interviews were anonymised at the earliest possible stage. Responses were analysed to generate statistical information and quotes may be used anonymously for example, in reports and social media.

How can I find out the results from this research?

The data has now been analysed and a paper with the findings will be published soon. Follow @planet.period on Instagram for updates. If you wish to discuss the project, please contact me.  

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